Current exhibitions

Blinky Palermo. Die gesamten Editionen. Schenkung Ulrich Reininghaus

Museum Ludwig. January 18, 18.01.2020 to May 3, 03.05.2020

(DE) Der deutsche Künstler Peter Heisterkamp (1943–1977), der sich nach dem Mafioso Frank „Blinky“ Palermo nannte, ist bekannt für seine Objekte, für seine Raumarbeiten, vor allem aber für die leuchtenden Farbfelder seiner Stoff- und Metallbilder, die vermeintlich unmittelbar vor Augen führen, was sie konzeptuell in Frage stellen: die sinnlichen Qualitäten zeitgenössischer Malerei.

Wade Guyton

Museum Ludwig. November 16, 16.11.2019 to March 1, 01.03.2020

Born in 1972, the American artist Wade Guyton has created a conceptually consistent and refreshingly idiosyncratic oeuvre for more than two decades. He is best known for his large-scale canvas paintings made with a conventional inkjet printer, which feature iconic subjects such as flames, the letters X and U, and the New York Times website.

Lucia Moholy: Writing Photo History

Museum Ludwig. October 12, 12.10.2019 to February 2, 02.02.2020

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Bauhaus, we will recount how the photographer Lucia Moholy rewrote the history of photography. In addition to her photographs, the Museum Ludwig archives include letters that demonstrate her lively exchange with the photography collector and historian Erich Stenger. The exhibition will cover this work as well as the relationship between Moholy’s writing and photography.