The RJM offers many different event formats: from storytelling cafés and film series to creative workshops and dance performances, from cosy conversations with curators to exciting panel discussions on current topics.

Please refer to the respective calendar entry for details.

Guided tours

In addition to our public tours, we also offer guided tours for families as well as on special topics. You can book a private guided tour at any time.

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Workshops and offers for schools

Museum courses are different from other creative workshops. The encounters with original artworks are a tremendously intense experience.
Children and adults [AB1] can draw from this source of inspiration, discovering their talents. Try it! Our experienced instructors – artists with great pedagogical skills – will accompany you.

Workshops for adults (in German)

Workshops for children (in German)

Offers for schools (in German)


Guided tours of the permanent exhibition on Sundays at 3 p.m.
and on the first Thursday of the month (KölnTag) at 5:30 pm with our Volunteers.