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The Recognition Machine

Who are the people looking back at us from the photos in our collection? What does the colonial past have to do with each and every one of us? The artwork "The Recognition Machine" by Antje Van Wichelen and Michael Murtaugh addresses these questions and playfully brings visitors into contact with historical portraits from the RJM archive and other European museum collections.



Qashqai Female Voices - Algorythms of Culture

The exhibition intervention invites children and adults to experience the inspiring stories of the Qashqai women from the southwest of Iran.
The melodic chants of the Qashqai women blend ancient knowledge, spiritual experiences and a rich storytelling tradition, which are reflected in the elaborate patterns and symbols of their famous carpet works.


Your turn! - SPACE4KIDS

With Your turn! - SPACE4KIDS, we want to open our doors wide to children to try out new participatory formats and methods with them and create a large experimental space for sensory, playful and collective experiences. In workshops and hands-on tours, children discover the museum and take a look behind the scenes, and can contribute their wishes and ideas to make the museum an inclusive meeting place for fun, reflection, exchange, movement, curiosity, celebration, creativity and empowerment.

The SPACE4KIDS is open on all Sundays and on all Cologne Days from 10 am to 6 pm. There is a hands-on tour every Sunday from 11am-12pm.