Current exhibitions

Design Pentagon Group

Museum of Applied Arts. January 13, 13.01.2020 to April 26, 26.04.2020

In the 1980s, the Neues Deutsches Design revolutionised the appreciation of design and forged a link with art and music. One of the movement’s protagonists was the Cologne design group Pentagon, founded in 1985 by Gerd Arens, Wolfgang Laubersheimer, Reinhard Müller, Ralph Sommer and Meyer Voggenreiter. This show puts furniture, drafts and drawings into their 1980s and 1990s context.

Drunk with Sobriety: Wine and Tea in Chinese Art

Museum of East Asian Art. November 13, 13.11.2019 to May 3, 03.05.2020

In Chinese art, wine and tea as stimulants play a major role at social occasions, as artistic inspiration or as offerings to the spirits of ancestors and to deities. This cabinet exhibition provides insights into the importance and use of wine and tea in millennia of cultural life in China. This show presents sacrificial vessels for wine made of ceramics and bronze that were used in ancestor worship.

Norman Seeff. The Look of Sound

Museum of Applied Arts. September 13, 13.09.2019 to March 8, 08.03.2020

Norman Seeff is one of the most famous portrait photographers in the USA and photographed the who's who of the music, art and film scene of the 1960s to 1980s. "The Look of Sound" combines more than 170 photographs, including mostly original vintage prints, but also sketches and collages. Also on view are videos taken during Seeff's photo sessions.