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Death and the Afterlife

Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum - Kulturen der Welt

A large bull that serves as a sarcophagus, a richly decorated boat for the final journey, an altar of the dead in screaming colours – there are innumerable ways of dealing with death. Ancestral figures from Africa, Oceania and Indonesia ensure that the deceased are permanently present and can still exert their influence. In return, the descendants look after their ancestors. In ancient Peru precious burial gifts ensured a comfortable afterlife. In Mexico, commemorating the dead is a joyful feast. The guided tour highlights the multi-faceted dialogue between this world and the hereafter.  

Duration: 60 mins
Max. group size: 25
Target groups: upper secondary education level, students, adults 
Tuesday to Friday: 75 € plus admission for adults | 50 € plus admission for students | 40 € for school classes
Supplement: weekends/foreign language tour: 10 € each

The tour can be booked for several groups at a time.

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