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Living together

Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum - Kulturen der Welt

The living space as a stage. Four different dwellings grouped around a European salon demonstrate how people in other cultures live together. The reception room of a merchant from Kayseri evokes the hospitality of the Ottoman Empire. A Tuareg tent conveys intimations of the tough everyday life in the Sahara. The Tipi of the North American Plains Indians is a multi-generation dwelling, while the men’s house of the Asmat in New Guinea is taboo for women. A thing of the past? Find out and watch the topical video interviews at the museum.

Duration: 60 mins
Max. group size: 25
Target groups: lower secondary education level, students, adults 
Tuesday to Friday: 75 € plus admission for adults | 50 € plus admission for students | 40 € for school classes
Supplement: weekends/foreign language tour: 10 € each

The tour can be booked for several groups at a time.

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