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Everyday life in Roman Cologne

Römisch-Germanisches Museum (Romano-Germanic Museum)

Colourful mosaics and frescoes, precious drinking glasses, gold jewellery, vessels in ceramics and metal, sculpture and inscriptions – they all bear witness to the life and history of the Romans in Cologne. Work on the one hand, and public, religious and private duties on the other often left little time for leisurely activities in people’s daily lives. Those who could afford it spared no expense in preparation for festivities and spent money on elegant clothes, jewellery and cosmetics. Merchants and craftsmen provided luxurious interior decoration. You will be stunned by the elegant furniture and the fine tableware. Exotic foodstuffs and spices were not uncommon on the tables of well-to-do citizens. But this lavish life-style was by no means attainable for everybody. Visitors are also introduced to the more simple forms of everyday life.

The guided tour gives an insight into the private life of the Romans and provides an idea of day-to-day life in Roman Cologne. The tour includes the themes "Culinaria Romana" and "Familia Romana".  

Duration: 90 mins
Max. group size: 25
Target groups: upper secondary education level, students, adults 
Tuesday to Friday: 112,50 € plus admission for adults | 75 € plus admission for students | 60 € for school classes
Supplement: weekends/foreign language tour: 10 € each

The tour can be booked for several groups at a time.

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