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The World of Roman deities

Römisch-Germanisches Museum (Romano-Germanic Museum)

Help in every condition of life – this is what the Romans prayed to their gods for. They believed that the entire natural realm, the heavens and the netherworld were inhabited by divine beings. A particularly large number of votive stones in Roman Cologne were installed for Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Fortuna to thank these deities for their protection and for giving love and good fortune.

Local Germanic mother deities patronised the family and protected it from danger and illness. Deities imported from the East such as Mithras, the god of light, and the enchanting goddess Isis promised in their myths resurrection and a new life. Richly decorated votive stones, images of deities and sacrificial offerings reflect the world of ancient cults and mythologies in Roman Cologne.

Duration: 60 mins
Max. group size: 25
Target groups: upper secondary education level, students, adults 
Tuesday to Friday: 75 € plus admission for adults | 50 € plus admission for students
Supplement: weekends/foreign language tour: 10 € each

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