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Overview of the museum

Römisch-Germanisches Museum (Romano-Germanic Museum)

The history of the city of Cologne began more than 2,000 years ago with the Romans. Military commanders, emperors, soldiers and citizens from all around the world, merchants and craftsmen – they all left visible traces during a period of more than 400 years. The Romano-Germanic Museum as one of the most important archaeological museums in Europe preserves this evidence from the past. The museum building rises above the foundations of a Roman urban villa of which the Dionysus mosaic has been preserved. Funerary monuments tell the story of the inhabitants of the city and document their origins from all over the (Roman) world. Votive stones throw light on rites and cults involving Roman, local and Oriental deities. The roughly 1,000 Roman glass vessels on display and the gold jewellery from Roman times and the Migration Period are of outstanding importance. Major Franconian finds form a historical link with early medieval Cologne.   

Duration: 60 mins
Max. group size: 25
Target groups: upper secondary education level, students, adults 
Tuesday to Friday: 75 € plus admission for adults | 50 € plus admission for students
Supplement: weekends/foreign language tour: 10 € each

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