Cinema at the MAKK

Film screenings on every 1st Thursday of the month, admission € 6,-. A cooperation with the Kinogesellschaft Köln.

5.9., 19 Uhr, Life in Stills

ISR / D 2011 • 58‘ • original version with German subtitles • Regie: Tamar Tal

At the age of 96, Miriam Weissenstein never imagined that she would be facing a new chapter in her life. But when “The Photo House” – her late husband Rudi’s life’s work – was destined for demolition, even this opinionated and uncompromising woman knew she needed help.

Under the cloud of a family tragedy, a special relationship is forged between Miriam and her grandson, Ben, as they join forces to save the shop and its nearly one million negatives that document Israel’s defining moments.

Despite the generation gap and many conflicts, Ben and Miriam embark on a heart-wrenching journey, comprising many humorous and touching moments – a journey that requires a lot of love, courage, and compassion.


3.10., 19 Uhr, Triumph of the Dream

USA 2012 • 90‘. • English original version• Regie: Norman Seeff

Excerpts from Norman Seeff's interviews with members of the NASA team that was responsible for the design and the mission of the Mars Rover about pivotal moments leading up to the mission's success.

Norman Seeff's secret interest was in exploring creativity: during the photo shoots he often had filmed, he always asked the portrayed people what creativity meant to them. In 2004, he was invited by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California to document the work of NASA space scientists on the Mars Exploration Rover Mission. Creativity is explored here by Norman Seeff as the inner engine of scientific work. The result is the vivid documentary "Triumph of the Dream", which offers unique insights into the psyche of leading scientists and engineers.


7.11., 20 Uhr, Eat that Question – Frank Zappa

D / F 2016 • 90 • original version with German subtitles • Regie: Thorsten Schütte

In the 20th Century, Frank Zappa made his mark as a musician unlike any other in America. With a wild eccentric iconoclastic attitude guiding his distinctive music, which it was itself guided by a firm intellectual integrity, Zappa made himself an unforgettable force in popular music. This film covers his life and work through various archival footage through the decades. Whether it was his taboo challenging early creations, his outspoken efforts against the political forces determined to censor him or his constant quest for new artistic challenges, Zappa made a mark no one could ignore..


5.12., 19 Uhr, Dennis Hopper – The Last Movie

USA 1971 • 108‘• English original version with German subtitles • Regie: Dennis Hopper

Mit Dennis Hopper, Toni Basil, Kris Kristofferson, Peter Fonda, Samuel Fuller u.a.

A film shoot in Peru goes badly wrong when an actor is killed in a stunt, and the unit wrangler, Kansas, decides to give up film-making and stay on in the village, shacking up with local prostitute Maria. But his dreams of an unspoiled existence are interrupted when the local priest asks him to help stop the villagers killing each other by re-enacting scenes from the film for real because they don't understand movie fakery...