HAUT dry/wet, ultrasonic speaker, © Anke Eckardt
HAUT dry/wet, ultrasonic speaker, latex, © Anke Eckardt

sound art series: soundwaves

Anke Eckardt – HAUT dry/wet

25 May to 5 July 2018

SKIN dry/wet allows the perception of MAKK's principal hall architecture as a resonating body. In "De re aedificatoria" (ca. 1443 – 1452), Leon Battista Alberti develops a Topos: the body of a building covered by a surface of several layers of plaster, like a garment that corresponds to its particular social position. At the beginning of the 20th century, this notion of architecture as representation utterly changed; revealing the naked and smooth walls – the skin lying under the clothing. Considering this idea, the Cologne-based artist Anke Eckardt selects her materials for the installation: special loudspeakers in combination with acoustic elements employed as sculptural objects.
A dodecahedron, a spherical speaker, communicates with the surroundings. This loudspeaker, used for measurement in acoustic research, emits pulses in 360 degrees meanwhile the body and skin of the architecture respond with reflections.
In addition, the construction of space develops from a critical examination of technology. Created by the US military, extremely directional ultrasonic speakers are adopted, among others, by the police of various nations to Crowd Control – the targeted manipulation of demonstrators by means of sound. In the exhibition, low-power sound beams will be used indirectly.
A central question in Eckardt's work stands: who does define the public space and how does the space define social behaviour? SKIN dry/wet combines opposing principles: eerie acoustic appearances overlap with the dialogue between sphere and space; latex and foam cubes reflect and absorb sound. Through this interplay, the elements activate and transform the room in its aesthetic and social potentialities, defining our auditive perception.


Anke Eckardt's work includes installations, teaching and research. She is Professor of Sound at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. As member of the transdisciplinary research platform BAU KUNST ERFINDEN, Eckardt develops novel audiovisual materials in collaborative research projects.

Curator: Georg Dietzler in cooperation with the Museum of Applied Art Cologne (MAKK).

Text: Anke Eckardt, cf. Claudia Benthien „Haut“

The sound art series soundwaves is sponsored by the MUSIKFONDS, Kunststiftung NRW and the Cultural Office from the City of Cologne.


Fri, 25 May 2018 / 7pm Opening with Performance - performed by Jiyun Park and Nils Herzogenrath

Thu, 5 July 2018 / 7pm Finissage with Performance - performed by Jiyun Park and Nils Herzogenrath

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Tue – Sun 10am – 12 am and 2pm – 6pm

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